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Honda VFR800F (Interceptor) appeared in 1998, replacing Honda VFR750F. The model was focused mainly on export to the countries of Europe, North America and Oceania, but was also available in the domestic Japanese market (the first generations of the domestic Japanese VFR800 were "throttled" to 80 hp).

Unlike its predecessor, the new Honda VFR800F received a number of technical differences:

  • Engine. Increased its volume: 748 → 782 cm³. Got electronic fuel injection (PGM-Fi), a new dual radiator and modified settings (for smooth traction and increased torque at the bottom).
  • Frame. New aluminum frame with improved rigidity.
  • Brake system. Received a dual combined braking system with 3-piston calipers (DCBS).
  • Design. Updated design of individual elements, new dashboard with electronic LCD display (time readings, odometer, fuel level and engine temperature).

The first generation of the motorcycle was also called “Honda VFR800Fi”.

In 2002, the model undergoes significant changes, although it is still the RC46 generation. The model name is deprived of the prefix Fi. Honda VFR800F gets major changes in the engine: the cylinder head replaces the gear drive with chains, and also receives a VTEC system (automatic shutdown / activation of valves depending on engine speed). Changing the cylinder head drive made it possible to reduce the engine noise by 1 dB and lighten the engine by 3 kg. New generation of PGM-Fi injection system. A new generation of Combined Braking System (CBS) + ABS is available as an option. Added immobilizer (HISS). In addition, the model gets a new look with dual tailpipes, a new plastic design and a new instrument panel with an electronic speedometer.

The next major update to the Honda VFR800F came in 2014. The model received a completely new look, new radial 4-piston brakes with ABS, new suspensions and a number of electronic options:

  • Traction control (TCS - traction control system) - controls the speed of the wheels and controls the fuel injection system when slipping (reducing engine power).
  • Heated handles.
  • Automatically switched off turn signals.

For 2017, the model has also changed slightly with a new exhaust, an adjustable windshield and a 12V power outlet. By optimizing the exhaust, the maximum power is increased to 107 hp and the torque to 77 Nm.

On the basis of the engine and chassis from the Honda VFR800FI in 2010, a tourist enduro model was built Honda VFR800X Crossrunner.

"Big brother" Honda VFR800F - Honda VFR1200F.

As of mid-2018, the 2018 Honda VFR800F was not in production, but the 2017 model is available in all major markets. There is no information about whether this is the end of production, or just a suspension.



Specifications Honda VFR800F (Interceptor):

ModelHonda VFR800F (Interceptor)
Motorcycle typesports tourist
Release year1998-2017
Engine type4-cylinder, 4-stroke, V-shaped (90 °)
Working volume782 cm³
Bore / stroke72.0 x 48.0 mm
Compression ratio11.6: 1 - VFR800F (RC46)

11.8: 1 - VFR800F (RC79)

Number of valves per cylinderDOHC, 4 Valves Per Cylinder (Timing - Gear) - VFR800Fi (RC46, 1998-2001)

DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder (timing drive - chains) + VTEC - VFR800F (RC46, 2002-2013), VFR800F (RC79)

Fuel supply systemInjector, PGM-Fi, x4 36mm
Ignition typetransistor
Maximum power106.0 h.p. (78.0 kW) @ 10,250 rpm - VFR800F (1998-2016)

80.0 h.p. (58.0 kW) @ 9500 rpm - VFR800F (Japanese domestic versions 1998-2013)

107.0 h.p. (79.0 kW) @ 10,250 rpm - VFR800F (2017+)

+ TCS (traction control system) - VFR800F (RC79)

Maximum torque75 Nm (7.6 kg * m) @ 8500 rpm - VFR800F (1998-2016)

69 Nm (7.0 kg * m) @ 7500 rpm - VFR800F (Japanese domestic versions 1998-2013)

77 Nm (7.9 kg * m) @ 8500 rpm - VFR800F (2017+)

Drive typechain
Front tire size120/70-ZR17 (58W)
Rear tire size180/5560-ZR17 (73W)
Front brakes2 discs, 296mm, 3-piston calipers (combined) - VFR800Fi (RC46, 1998-2001)

2 discs, 296 mm, 3-pistoncalipers (combined, optional - ABS) - VFR800F (RC46, 2002-2013)

2 discs, 310 mm, 4-piston radial calipers (ABS) - VFR800F (RC79)

Rear brakes1 disc, 256 mm, 3-piston caliper (combined) - VFR800Fi (RC46, 1998-2001)

Single disc, 256 mm, 3-piston caliper (combined, optional ABS) - VFR800F (RC46, 2002-2013)

Single disc, 256 mm, 2-piston caliper (ABS) - VFR800F (RC79)

Front suspension43mm Telescopic Fork (Preload Adjustable), 120mm Travel - VFR800F (RC46)

43mm HMAS Telescopic Fork (adjustable preload and rebound damping), 108mm travel - VFR800F (RC79)

Rear suspensionPro-Arm Pendulum (Preload & Rebound Adjustment), 120mm Travel - VFR800F (RC46)

Pro-Arm Pendulum (Preload & Rebound Adjustment), 119mm Stroke - VFR800F (RC79)

Motorcycle length2095 mm - VFR800Fi (RC46, 1998-2001)

2120 mm - VFR800F (RC46, 2002-2013)

2140 mm - VFR800F (RC79)

Motorcycle width735 mm - VFR800Fi (RC46)

750 mm - VFR800F (RC79)

Motorcycle height1190 mm - VFR800Fi (RC46, 1998-2001)

1195 mm - VFR800F (RC46, 2002-2013)

1210 mm - VFR800F (RC79)

Wheelbase1440 mm - VFR800Fi (RC46, 1998-2001)

1460 mm - VFR800F (RC46, 2002-2013, RC79)

Saddle height805 mm - VFR800Fi (RC46)

809/789 mm (adjustable) - VFR800F (RC79)

Minimum ground clearance130mm - VFR800Fi (RC46, 1998-2001)

125 mm - VFR800F (RC46, 2002-2013)

135mm - VFR800F (RC79)

Acceleration to 100 km / h3.36 sec - VFR800F (RC46)

3.60 sec - VFR800F (RC79)

Maximum speed236 km / h - VFR800Fi (RC46, 1998-2001)

230 km / h - VFR800F (RC46, 2002-2013)

227 km / h - VFR800F (RC79)

Fuel tank capacity21.0 L - VFR800Fi (RC46, 1998-2001)

22.0 L - VFR800F (RC46, 2002-2013)

21.2 L - VFR800F (RC79)

Motorcycle weight (dry)208 kg - VFR800Fi (RC46, 1998-1999)

210 kg - VFR800Fi (RC46, 2000-2001)

213 kg - VFR800F (RC46, 2002-2013)

218 kg - VFR800F ABS (RC46, 2002-2013)

Motorcycle weight (curb)234 kg - VFR800Fi (RC46, 1998-1999)

236 kg - VFR800Fi (RC46, 2000-2001)

244 kg - VFR800F (RC46, 2002-2013)

249 kg - VFR800F ABS (RC46, 2002-2013)

242 kg - VFR800F ABS (RC79, 2014-2016)

243 kg - VFR800F ABS (RC79, 2017+)

Fuel consumption

The officially declared fuel consumption of the Honda VFR800F is 5.29 liters (WMTC method). The exact value depends on the riding style.