Honda VFR750F

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Honda VFR750F (RC24, 1986-1989)

The Honda VFR750F sports tourist model was introduced in 1986, mainly for the markets of Europe, North America, Oceania and Japan. The motorcycle replaced the previous version of the Honda VF750F and was originally created as a competitor for Suzuki GSX-R750. Unlike its predecessor, the VFR750F model received a new engine, which has undergone serious revision and lightening, thanks to which the resource has significantly increased (the previous version of the engine was not entirely successful and gained a negative reputation).

The basis was a V-shaped (90 °) 4-cylinder liquid-cooled engine with a volume of 748 cm³, producing up to 105 hp. power and up to 74 Nm of torque. The Japanese motorcycle specification limited the maximum power to 77 hp. and 64 Nm of torque. The main feature of the motor is the timing system drive, which is made in the form of gears - this design significantly increases the reliability of the entire timing unit and makes it practically maintenance-free throughout the entire service life of the motorcycle.

In 1988, the model undergoes a slight restyling. The diameter of the fork stays is increased (37 → 41 mm), the motorcycle gets 17 'wheels, enlarged front brake discs (276 → 296 mm), the size of the intake valves and the length of the intake.

Since 1990, the Honda VFR750F has undergone a serious restyling (RC36 generation). The model gets a new look, a new frame, a cantilever swingarm, a new engine, carburetor, wheels and suspension.

In 1994, the model is last updated with a slightly redesigned appearance, reduced weight, a new front fork (with preload adjustment), a new rear shock absorber (with rebound damping), an enlarged fuel tank (19 → 21 L) and new flat choke carburettors.

Other features of the Honda VFR750F include an aluminum frame, adjustable suspensions (on the latest generations), a cantilever rear swingarm, a 21-liter fuel tank (in the latest generation), a 6-speed gearbox and 237 kg of curb weight (in the latest generation).

1997 was the last year of production of the model, after which it left the market, giving way to a new model - Honda VFR800F.

The main competitors of the Honda VFR750F in the class:


Honda VFR750F (RC24)
Honda VFR750F (RC36, 1990-1993)
Honda VFR750F (RC36, 1994-1997)


Specifications Honda VFR750F:

ModelHonda VFR750F
Motorcycle typesports tourist
Release year1986-1997
Engine type4-cylinder, 4-stroke, V-shaped (90 °)
Working volume748 cm³
Bore / stroke70.0 x 48.6 mm
Compression ratio10.5: 1 - VFR750F (RC24)

11.0: 1 - VFR750F (RC36)

Number of valves per cylinderDOHC, 4 valves per cylinder (timing - gears)
Fuel supply systemCarburetor, 4x Keihin 34.5mm (VD B0B) - VFR750F (RC24)

Carburetor, 4x Keihin 36mm (VD JBA, VD JJA) - VFR750F (RC36, 1990-1993)

Carburetor, 4x Keihin 34mm (VP34A) - VFR750F (RC36, 1994-1997)

Ignition typetransistor
Maximum power105.0 h.p. (77.0 kW) @ 11,500 rpm - maximum power for the RC24 generation

100.0 h.p. (74.0 kW) @ 10,000 rpm - maximum power for generation RC36

77.0 h.p. (57.0 kW) @ 9500 rpm - VFR750F (Japanese domestic version)

Maximum torque70.5 Nm (7.2 kg * m) at 8500 rpm - maximum torque for the RC24 generation (1986-1987)

74.0 Nm (7.5 kg * m) at 9000 rpm - maximum torque for the RC24 generation (1988-1989)

73.0 Nm (7.4 kg * m) at 9500 rpm - maximum torque for the RC36 generation (1990-1993)

73.0 Nm (7.4 kg * m) at 8000 rpm - maximum torque for the RC36 generation (1994-1997)

64.0 Nm (6.5 kg * m) @ 7500 rpm - VFR750F (Japanese domestic version)

Drive typechain
Front tire size110/90-V16 - VFR750F (RC24, 1986-1987)

110/80-V17 - VFR750F (RC24, 1988-1989)

120/70-VR17 / ZR17 - VFR750F (RC36)

Rear tire size130/80-V18 - VFR750F (RC24, 1986-1987)

140/80-V17 - VFR750F (RC24, 1988-1989)

170/60-VR17 / ZR17 - VFR750F (RC36)

Front brakes2 discs, 276mm, 2-piston calipers - VFR750F (RC24, 1986-1987)

2 discs, 296mm, 2-piston calipers - VFR750F (RC24, 1988-1989, RC36)

Rear brakes1 disc, 256 mm, 2-piston caliper
Front suspension37mm Telescopic Fork (Anti-Dive), 140mm Travel - VFR750F (RC24, 1986-1987)

41mm Telescopic Fork (Anti-Dive), 140mm Travel - VFR750F (RC24, 1988-1989)

41mm telescopic fork, 140mm travel - VFR750F (RC36, 1990-1993)

41mm telescopic fork (preload adjustable), 130mm travel - VFR750F (RC36, 1994-1997)

Rear suspensionSwingarm with monoshock (adjustable preload), stroke - 105 mm - VFR750F (RC24, 1986-1987)

Swingarm Pro-Arm with monoshock (adjustable preload), stroke - 130 mm - VFR750F (RC36, 1990-1993)

Pendulum Pro-Arm with monoshock (adjustable preload and rebound damping), stroke - 130 mm - VFR750F (RC36, 1994-1997)

Motorcycle length2175 mm - VFR750F (RC24)

2180 mm - VFR750F (RC36, 1990-1993)

2125 mm - VFR750F (RC36, 1994-1997)

Motorcycle width730 mm - VFR750F (RC24)

700 mm - VFR750F (RC36, 1990-1993)

720 mm - VFR750F (RC36, 1994-1997)

Motorcycle height1170 mm - VFR750F (RC24)

1185 mm - VFR750F (RC36)

Wheelbase1480 mm - VFR750F (RC24)

1470 mm - VFR750F (RC36)

Saddle height795 mm - VFR750F (RC24)

800 mm - VFR750F (RC36)

Minimum ground clearance135 mm - VFR750F (RC24)

140 mm - VFR750F (RC36)

Acceleration to 100 km / h3.4-3.7 sec
Maximum speed233-240 km / h
Fuel tank capacity20.0 L - VFR750F (RC24)

19.0 L - VFR750F (RC36, 1990-1993)

21.0 L - VFR750F (RC36, 1994-1997)

Motorcycle weight (dry)199 kg - VFR750F (RC24)

216 kg - VFR750F (RC36, 1990-1993)

211 kg - VFR750F (RC36, 1994-1997)

Motorcycle weight (curb)222 kg - VFR750F (RC24)

240 kg - VFR750F (RC36, 1990-1993)

237 kg - VFR750F (RC36, 1994-1997)

Fuel consumption

Fuel consumption for the Honda VFR750F, according to test results, ranges from 4.8 liters on the highway to 7.9 liters per 100 km in the city. The exact value depends on the riding style.