Honda X4

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Honda X4

The Honda X4 was first introduced as a concept in 1995 at the 31st Tokyo Motor Show, and official series production began in March 1997. The Honda X4 was a domestic Japanese model, but a small proportion of the motorcycles went to Europe and the North American market.

Despite the fact that the X4 is often classified as a power cruiser, it is not entirely correct to call it such. The fact is that, in essence, the model is a special configuration of the Honda CB1300 model, differing from it only in appearance, carburetors and a number of other insignificant parameters. The relationship between the CB1300 and the X4 also gives the factory designation - the Honda X4 had the factory code CB1300DC . In addition, Honda itself has positioned the X4 as a "Powered Custom".

Since the inception of the Honda X4, many experts and users have presented Yamaha V-Max as the main competitor of the motorcycle, comparing both models that had some external similarities - for example, the shape of the exhaust system, the saddle, the rear of the motorcycle ... Although in concept they are completely different motorcycles - as noted above, the X4 is practically the same road builder Honda CB1300.

Speaking of the popularity of the Honda X4, it should be noted that the motorcycle had a rather low level of sales in the North American market. Critics of the time noted the motorcycle's low power (the V-Max 1200 produced up to 145 hp versus 100 hp in the X4), high fuel consumption and insufficient straight-line stability at high speeds. However, along with a failure, in some countries, the X4 has become a truly iconic model, which has gathered a whole army of admirers. Such countries include, for example, Germany.

2003 was the last year of production of the Honda X4, after which it disappeared from the Honda motorcycle line and did not receive further development.

Major generations of the Honda X4:

  • Honda X4 - was available on the market from 1997 to 1999. inclusive. Visually distinguished by a black engine and black springs of the rear shock absorbers.
  • Honda X4 LD - was available from 2000 to 2003. The abbreviation LD stands for low-down. The model gets a lower saddle, a new rear suspension (red springs), a silver engine and a new design of the front brake discs (in the previous version - a solid non-working part, in the LD - a seven-spoke). Also, with the tightening of environmental standards, the motorcycle receives a new exhaust afterburning system.

The main competitors of the Honda X4 in the class:


Honda X4 LD
Honda X4 LD
Honda X4 LD


Specifications Honda X4:

ModelHonda X4 (CB1300DC)
Motorcycle typecruiser
Release year1997-2003
Engine type4-cylinder, 4-stroke, in-line
Working volume1284 cc cm.
Bore / stroke78.0 x 67.2 mm
Compression ratio9.6: 1
Number of valves per cylinderDOHC, 4 valves per cylinder
Fuel supply systemcarburetor, 4x 36mm (code - VEPA) - X4

carburetor, 4x 36 mm (code - VEPC) - X4 LD

Ignition typetransistor
Maximum power100.0 h.p. (74.0 kW) at 6500 rpm
Maximum torque121.0 Nm (12.3 kg-m) at 5000 rpm
Drive typechain
Front tire size120 / 70ZR18 (59W)
Rear tire size190 / 60ZR17 (78W)
Front brakes2 discs, 310 mm, 4-piston calipers
Rear brakes1 disc, 276 mm, 2-piston caliper
Front suspension43mm telescopic fork, 130mm travel
Rear suspensionpendulum with two Showa shocks, 132 mm travel
Motorcycle length2330 mm
Motorcycle width745 mm
Motorcycle height1140 mm - X4

1130 mm - X4 LD

Wheelbase1650 mm - X4

1645 mm - X4 LD

Saddle height730 mm - X4

720 mm - X4 LD

Acceleration to 100 km / h4.0 sec
Maximum speed180 km / h (with limiter)
Fuel tank capacity15.0 l
Motorcycle weight (dry)249 kg
Motorcycle weight (curb)270 kg

Fuel consumption

Average fuel consumption for a Honda X4 depends on the driving style of the pilots and the technical condition of the motorcycle, and is:

  • 8-10 liters for 100 km - in city driving mode
  • 4-5 liters per 100 km - in track mode