Honda ST1100 Pan European

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Honda ST1100 Pan-European (1996-2002) with LBS-ABS

Honda ST1100 Pan European sport-touring motorcycle appeared in 1990 and positioned itself as a lighter, sportier and cheaper version of the Gold Wing. Despite the obvious touring features and characteristics, Honda classified this model as a sports tourist - the letters ST in the name stood for Sport Touring.

Main competitors:

The basis of the Honda Pan European 1100 was a V-shaped (90 °) 4-cylinder liquid-cooled engine, located in a longitudinal frame, with a volume of 1085 cm³, producing up to 100 hp. power and up to 109 Nm of torque. Of the special motor, the timing system should be distinguished, which combines the drive of the camshafts with a belt and gears, which significantly increases the service interval of this unit.

Other interesting features of the motorcycle include a hydraulic clutch, cardan drive, a 5-speed gearbox and versions with traction control, ABS and combined braking system, as well as a 28-liter fuel tank, which makes it possible to drive up to 300 miles without stopping to refuel.

In 1992, the Honda ST1100 Pan European gets ABS as an option and traction control system (TCS).

Since 1993, police modifications Honda ST1100 Pan-European Police have appeared on the market, intended for city police services in various countries.

Since 1996, replacing the option to install a simple ABS, the model gets the ability to install LBS-ABS, which was also called C-ABS and was a combined braking system (when one brake was used, the other was automatically braked) with ABS.

2003 was the last year of production of the model, after which it was finally superseded by a new model - Honda ST1300 Pan-European. Nevertheless, despite the fact that the model is no longer in production, it continues to be popular in the aftermarket and has a huge army of fans around the world.



Specifications Honda ST1100 Pan European:

Model Honda ST1100 Pan European
Motorcycle type sports tourist
Release year 1990-2003
Frame steel tubular
Engine type 4-cylinder, 4-stroke, V-shaped (90 °)
Working volume 1085 cm³
Bore / stroke 73.0 x 64.8mm
Compression ratio 10.0: 1
Cooling liquid
Number of valves per cylinder DOHC with belt and gear drive, 4 valves per cylinder
Fuel supply system carburetor, 4x Keihin 32 mm
Ignition type transistor
Maximum power 100.0 h.p. (73.5 kW) @ 8500 rpm - Pan-European (North America, UK, etc.)

98.0 h.p. (72.0 kW) at 7500 rpm - Pan-European (Germany, etc.)

Maximum torque 107.0 Nm (10.8 kg * m) @ 6000 rpm - Pan-European (North America, Great Britain, etc.)

109.0 Nm (11.0 kg * m) at 6000 rpm - Pan-European (Germany, etc.)

Gearbox 5-speed, optional TCS - traction control system
Drive type cardan
Front tire size 110/80-V18 (58V) - Pan-European (without LBS-ABS)

120/70-ZR18 (59W) - Pan-European (with LBS-ABS)

Rear tire size 160 / 70-17
Front brakes 2 discs, 296mm, 2-piston calipers - Pan-European (no ABS, with ABS, 1990-1995)

2 discs, 296 mm, 3-piston calipers - Pan-European (LBS-ABS, after 1995)

Rear brakes 1 disc, 296 mm, 2-piston caliper - Pan-European (no ABS, with ABS, 1990-1995)

Single disc, 296 mm, 3-piston caliper - Pan-European (LBS-ABS, after 1995)

Front suspension 41mm telescopic fork, 150mm travel - Pan-European (1990-1995)

43 mm telescopic fork, 150 mm travel - Pan-European (after 1995, LBS-ABS models)

Rear suspension linkage with monoshock (adjustable), stroke - 120 mm
Motorcycle length 2285 mm
Motorcycle width 835mm - Pan-European (1991-1993, on rear saddlebags)

935 mm - Pan-European (after 1993, over mirrors)

Motorcycle height 1395 mm - Pan-European (1991-1994)

1405 mm - Pan-European (after 1994)

Wheelbase 1555 mm
Saddle height 800 mm
Minimum ground clearance 145 mm
Acceleration to 100 km / h 4.1 sec
Maximum speed 210 km / h
Fuel tank capacity 28.0 l
Motorcycle weight (dry) Pan-European (1991-1994) + ABS / TCS:

297 kg

298 kg - California

293 kg - Canada

Pan-European (after 1994) + ABS / TCS or LBS-ABS / TCS:

298 kg

299 kg - California

297 kg - Canada

Pan-European (1991-1994) without ABS / TCS:

284 kg

285 kg - California

283 kg - Canada

Pan-European (after 1994) without ABS / TCS:

288 kg

289 kg - California

287 kg - Canada

Motorcycle weight (curb) Pan-European (1991-1994) + ABS / TCS:

326 kg

327 kg - California

322 kg - Canada

Pan-European (after 1994) + ABS / TCS or LBS-ABS / TCS:

327 kg

328 kg - California

326 kg - Canada

Pan-European (1991-1994) without ABS / TCS:

313 kg

314 kg - California

312 kg - Canada

Pan-European (after 1994) without ABS / TCS:

317 kg

318 kg - California

316 kg - Canada

Fuel consumption

The average fuel consumption of the Honda ST1100 Pan European, according to the test results, is from 4.6 to 7.2 liters per 100 kilometers. The exact value depends on the riding style, the load and the technical condition of the motorcycle.