Kawasaki Balius 250 (ZR-2, ZR 250, Balius)

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Kawasaki Balius-II (1997-2007)

The Kawasaki Balius 250 road bike model appeared in 1991 and was produced until August 2007. The motorcycle was focused on the domestic Japanese market and was not officially supplied to other countries. The model is also known by the names - ZR250, ZR-2. The prefix "Balius" (in Greek mythology - Βάλιος) is the name of one of the immortal talking horses, the son of the harpy Podarga and the god of the west wind Zephyr, brother of Xanthus (Ξάνθος). The prancing horse emblem and the Balius name were placed on the fuel tank of many Kawasaki ZR250 Balius models, but some models do not have this emblem, but received a simple KAWASAKI nameplate.

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The first modifications of the Kawasaki Balius 250 were based on the engine from the sports version Kawasaki ZXR 250, but over time it was reworked and lost its "sports roots", reducing its maximum speed (from 19000 to 17000 rpm), power but improving the torque characteristic. The first versions (until 1993) of the Kawasaki Balius 250 produced up to 45 hp. power, but with the release of new Japanese legislation, all 250 cc motorcycles. were "strangled" to 40 hp. In addition, since 2000, the model has received a modified exhaust (maximum speed - 17,000 rpm), and since 2001 - a new engine configuration (bore and piston stroke have been changed). All of these changes resulted in a smoother motor response.

Other features of the Kawasaki Balius 250 include a steel frame, simple suspensions, disc brakes, a 15 liter fuel tank (14 liters since 2003), a 6-speed gearbox and 163 kg of curb weight.


  • Kawasaki Balius-I - produced from 1991 to 1996. inclusive.
  • Kawasaki Balius-II - produced from 1997 to 2007. inclusive.

Both generations did not differ much from each other, with minor changes in bodywork, suspension and electrics. Throughout the entire production period, the Balius 250 model underwent changes and modifications, which are described in more detail in the "Brief History of the Model" section.

The model was produced until August 2007, and with the release of the updated emission standards for engines, it was discontinued. 2002 to 2005 the motorcycle was also sold by Suzuki under the name - Suzuki GSX250FX.



Specifications Kawasaki Balius 250:

Model Kawasaki Balius 250
Motorcycle type road (street, naked)
Release year 1991-2007
Frame steel duplex
Engine type 4-cylinder, 4-stroke, in-line
Working volume 249 cc cm.
Bore / Stroke 48.0 x 34.5mm - A1-B4

49.0 x 33.1 mm - B5-B7F

Compression ratio 12.2: 1
Cooling liquid
Number of valves per cylinder DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder
Fuel supply system carburetor, 4x Keihin CVKD30 (with K-TRIC - B1-B7F)
Ignition type transistor
Maximum power 45 hp at 15000 rpm - A1, A2

40 h.p. at 15000 rpm - A3-B4

39.5 h.p. at 14000 rpm - B5-B7F

Maximum torque 25.49 Nm @ 11,500 rpm - A1, A2

23.53 Nm / 10,000 rpm - A3-B4

20.59 Nm / 13000 rpm - B5-B7F

Gearbox 6-speed
Drive type chain
Front tire size 110 / 70-17
Rear tire size 140 / 70-17
Front brakes 1 disc, 300 mm, 2-piston caliper
Rear brakes 1 disc, 230 mm, 1-piston caliper
Front suspension telescopic fork 39 mm
Rear suspension linkage with monoshock-absorber (double shock-absorber - B1-B7F)
Maximum speed 170.0 km / h
Acceleration to 100 km / h 6 sec
Dimensions (LxWxH) 2070x735x1090 mm
Saddle height 745 mm
Wheelbase 1400 mm
Fuel tank capacity 15 L (14 L - B7-B7F)
Motorcycle weight 151 kg - dry

163 kg - equipped