Suzuki GS 500 (E, F)

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Suzuki GS500F (2004-2011)

Suzuki GS500 appeared in 1989 as an export model, available in the main world markets - Europe, North America, Oceania. The very same model series GS has been known since 1976.

In 1989, the Suzuki GS 500 made its debut in the European and North American markets. This year's models featured low, two-piece handlebars that visually resembled clip-ons and, combined with a diagonal steel frame, gave the bike a sporty look. By 1990, the handlebar height was increased.

In 1992, the Suzuki GS 500 model receives changes in the front suspension - in particular, it becomes possible to adjust the preload.

The next small change was made in 1997. The model receives new front caliper pistons that are now the same size (they were different sizes in previous versions). In 1998, new Mikuni BSR34 carburettors were installed on the French versions of the GS500.

In 2001, the model undergoes a slight restyling with a more modern appearance, a 20L fuel tank and Mikuni BSR34 carburetors in all markets.

Since 2004, a new modification has been added to the GS500 model series - '' Suzuki GS500F . This is a sports touring version with a plastic body kit and sporty GSX-R styling.

2011 was the last year of production of the model, after which it finally left the market. In recent years of production, the main market for the Suzuki GS500 has been the South American market. The main reason for the withdrawal of the model from production was the tightening of environmental standards, which the old carburetor engine with an air cooling system did not comply with.

The main competitors of the Suzuki GS 500 in the class:


Suzuki GS500F
Suzuki GS500F
Suzuki GS500F


Specifications Suzuki GS500:

ModelSuzuki GS500
Motorcycle typeroad (street, classic)
Release year1989-2011
Framesteel diagonal
Engine type2-cylinder, 4-stroke, in-line
Working volume487 cm³
Bore / stroke74.0 x 56.6 mm
Compression ratio9.0: 1
Number of valves per cylinderDOHC, 2 valves per cylinder
Fuel supply systemCarburetor, 2x Mikuni BST33SS - GS500E (1989-2000)

Carburetor, 2x Mikuni BSR34 - GS500 (2001-2011), GS500F

Ignition typetransistor
Maximum power47.0 h.p. (35.0 kW) @ 9200 rpm - GS500E (1989-2000)

51.3 h.p. (37.8 kW) @ 9500 rpm - GS500 (2001-2011), GS500F

Maximum torque40.0 Nm (4.1 kg * m) @ 7500 rpm - GS500E (1989-2000)

41.2 Nm (4.2 kg * m) @ 7500 rpm - GS500 (2001-2011), GS500F

Drive typechain
Front tire size110 / 70-17 (54H)
Rear tire size130 / 70-17 (62H)
Front brakes1 disc, 310 mm, 2-piston caliper
Rear brakes1 disc, 250 mm, 2-piston caliper
Front suspension41mm telescopic fork (preload adjustment, since 1992), 120mm travel
Rear suspensionpendulum with monoshock (adjustable preload, 7-stage), stroke - 115 mm
Motorcycle length2075mm - GS500E (1989-2000)

2080 mm - GS500 (2001-2011), GS500F

Motorcycle width725mm - GS500E (1989-2000)

800mm - GS500 (2001-2011), GS500F

Motorcycle height1045mm - GS500E (1989-2000)

1060 mm - GS500 (2001-2011)

1150 mm - GS500F

Wheelbase1410 mm - GS500E (1989-2000)

1405 mm - GS500 (2001-2011), GS500F

Saddle height790 mm
Minimum ground clearance155mm - GS500E (1989-2000)

150 mm - GS500 (2001-2011)

120mm - GS500F

Acceleration to 100 km / h6.05 sec
Maximum speed159 km / h
Fuel tank capacity17.0 L (including reserve - 3.5 L) - GS500E (1989-2000)

15.0 L - GS500E (1989-2000) California versions

20.0 L (including reserve - 4.3 L) - GS500 (2001-2011), GS500F

19.0 L (including reserve - 4.3 L) - GS500 (2001-2011), GS500F California version

Motorcycle weight (dry)169 kg - GS500E (1989-2000)

174 kg - GS500 (2001-2011)

180 kg - GS500F