Yamaha FZX 750 Fazer

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Yamaha FZX750

The Yamaha FZX 750 appeared in 1986 in the domestic Japanese market as a "little brother" Yamaha Vmax 1200.

The motorcycle was aimed at the Japanese market, but was also officially supplied to European countries. For a limited time, the model was available in the United States, but the engine capacity of the North American versions did not exceed 700 cm³ (this was due to the presence of customs restrictions on the import of motorcycles with a volume of over 700 cm³).

Models outside the Japanese market were sold with a Fazer attachment - '' Yamaha FZX750 Fazer . European models were visually distinguished by their color (Apple Red), but the 1993 versions for France were sold in Dark Grayish Blue Metallic. Intra-Japanese modifications of the FZX750 were available only in gray (Orion Silver) - the first generation; and dark blue (Dark Grayish Blue Metallic) - the second generation. In the last year of the motorcycle production in Japan, the model was painted in black and silver (New Silver Dust). Also, the export versions did not have a seat belt and were additionally equipped with a handle for the passenger.

The main difference between European and Japanese versions is the engine power - the maximum declared power of the Yamaha FZX750 Fazer in Europe reached 96 hp, while in Japan this characteristic did not exceed 77 hp. (the maximum revs were lower, but the torque was fully available already at 6000 rpm, instead of 8000 rpm - on the full-strength European versions). It should also be noted that not all European modifications of the Yamaha FZX750 Fazer were full-strength, but only with 1UF, 2AK, 3MU motors.

In 1990, the Yamaha FZX 750 model received serious technical changes that affected the engine (the power of the Japanese versions was reduced to 74 hp) and the gearbox - the 6-speed gearbox was replaced by a 5-speed one. Note that the change in the box was due to the desire of engineers to give the motorcycle more features of the "roadman" to the detriment of the dragster qualities. It is for this reason that the full-strength European modifications with a 6-speed gearbox, which have shorter gears and, as a result, a more powerful start, were especially appreciated.

In 1998, the model received an update to the exhaust system to meet new environmental standards and temporarily suspends production, resuming it only in 2000, by the end of which the motorcycle completely leaves the Yamaha production line. European modifications were discontinued by 1998.

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Yamaha FZX750 Fazer
Yamaha FZX750 Fazer
Yamaha FZX750


Specifications Yamaha FZX 750 Fazer:

Model Yamaha FZX750 (Fazer)
Motorcycle type road
Release year 1986-2000
Frame steel tubular
Engine type 4-cylinder, 4-stroke, in-line
Working volume 749 cm³
Bore / stroke 68.0 x 51.6 mm
Compression ratio 11.2: 1
Cooling liquid
Number of valves per cylinder DOHC, 5 valves per cylinder
Fuel supply system carburetor, Mikuni BDS34
Ignition type transistor TCI
Maximum power 77.0 h.p. (56.6 kW) at 8500 rpm - FZX750 (Japan) 1986-1989

74.0 h.p. (54.4 kW) @ 9000 rpm - FZX750 (Japan) 1990-2000

96.0 h.p. (70.6 kW) at 9500 rpm - max. power for FZX750 Fazer (Europe, engines - 1uf, 2ak, 3mu)

Maximum torque 70.0 Nm (7.1 kg * m) at 6000 rpm - FZX750 (Japan) 1986-1989

63.0 Nm (6.4 kg * m) @ 6000 rpm - FZX750 (Japan) 1990-2000

76.5 Nm (7.7 kg * m) at 8000 rpm - max. torque for FZX750 Fazer (Europe, engines - 1uf, 2ak, 3mu)

Gearbox 6 speed - FZX750 (1986-1989)

5 speed - FZX750 (1990-2000)

Drive type chain
Front tire size 110 / 90-16 (59H)
Rear tire size 140 / 90-15 (70H)
Front brakes 2 discs, 267 mm, 2-piston calipers
Rear brakes 1 disc, 267 mm, 2-piston caliper
Front suspension 39mm telescopic fork (pumped), 140mm travel
Rear suspension linkage with two shock absorbers (with pumping, adjustable preload), stroke - 97 mm
Motorcycle length 2245mm - FZX750 (1986-1997)

2230 mm - FZX750 (1998-2000)

Motorcycle width 785 mm
Motorcycle height 1110 mm
Wheelbase 1525mm - FZX750 (1986-1997)

1530 mm - FZX750 (1998-2000)

Saddle height 750 mm
Acceleration to 100 km / h 3.2 sec - FZX750 Fazer (Europe)

4.0 sec - FZX750 (Japan)

Maximum speed 180 km / h - FZX750 (Japan)

220 km / h - FZX750 Fazer (Europe)

Fuel tank capacity 13.0 l (including reserve - 3.0 l)
Motorcycle weight (curb) 221 kg - FZX750 (1986-1997)

226 kg - FZX750 (1998-2000)