Suzuki DR650

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Suzuki DR650SE

The Suzuki DR 650 was introduced in 1990 as a result of the DR600 modification and Suzuki's desire to compete with Honda with its NX650 Dominator.

The motorcycle was based on a simple 1-cylinder air-oil-cooled engine, producing 46 hp. and 57 Nm of torque. The motor had 4 valves and 1 camshaft. Depending on the version, the launch was carried out by means of a kick or electric starter.

Main competitors:


  • Suzuki DR 650 R (Djebel, Dakar) - classic enduro with one exhaust pipe and protective glass on the reflector.
  • Suzuki DR 650 RS - Touring enduro version with pronounced wind protection and twin tailpipes.
  • Suzuki DR 650 RSE - the version is similar to the previous one, but with an electric starter, a larger battery and a more powerful generator. 15 kg heavier.
  • Suzuki DR 650 SE - an upgraded version of the Suzuki DR650R, which replaced it. Features a retuned engine (for better low-end traction), stainless exhaust, suspensions and the classic off-road enduro look. Corrosion problem for swingarm, frame and gas tank has been resolved. Suzuki DR650R is 25 kg lighter.

In 1997, based on the Suzuki DR 650 engine, a touring enduro model was released - Suzuki XF 650 Freewind, which was the answer to the European flagships - BMW F650 and Aprilia Pegaso 650.

To date, only the Suzuki DR 650 SE '' model is on the market, which is still officially produced and sold. In 2015, the company celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Suzuki DR 650 SE release. Since the motorcycle has hardly changed in terms of engine and still has a carburetor, it is hardly sold in Europe (due to Euro-3 emission standards). Meanwhile, the Suzuki DR 650 SE is very popular in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, where it ranks among the top 5 best-selling motorcycles over 500cc. cm.



Comparative table of technical characteristics of different versions of Suzuki DR 650:

Model Suzuki DR650 (R, S, RS, SE)
Motorcycle type enduro
Release year 1990+
Frame steel
Engine type 1-cylinder, 4-stroke
Working volume 644 cc see - DR650SE

640 cc see - DR650S, DR650R, DR650RS

Bore / Stroke 100 x 82mm - DR650SE

95 x 90.4mm - DR650S, DR650R, DR650RS

Compression ratio 9.5: 1 - DR650SE

9.7: 1 - DR650S, DR650R, DR650RS

Cooling air-oil
Number of valves per cylinder SOHC, 4 valves per cylinder
Fuel supply system carburetor, 1x Mikuni BST40SS
Ignition type electronic CDI
Maximum power 43 hp at 6400 rpm - DR650SE

46 h.p. at 6800 rpm - DR650S, DR650R, DR650RS

Maximum torque 54 Nm @ 4600 rpm - DR650SE

56.6Nm @ 5000rpm - DR650S, DR650R, DR650RS

Gearbox 5-speed
Drive type chain
Front tire size 90 / 90-21 M / C 54S
Rear tire size 120 / 90-17 M / C 64S
Front brakes 1 disc 290mm, 2-piston caliper - DR650SE

1 disc 280 mm, 2-piston caliper - DR650S, DR650R, DR650RS

Rear brakes 1 disc 240mm, 1-piston caliper - DR650SE

1 disc 230 mm, 2-piston caliper - DR650S, DR650R, DR650RS

Front suspension Telescopic Fork (Unadjusted), 260mm Travel - DR650SE

telescopic fork (no adjustments), stroke - 240 mm - DR650S, DR650R, DR650RS

Rear suspension monoshock with progression (adjustable preload and rebound damping), stroke - 260 mm - DR650SE

monoshock with progression (adjustable preload and rebound damping), stroke - 220 mm - DR650S, DR650R, DR650RS

Motorcycle dimensions (LxWxH) 2255 x 865 x 1205 mm - DR650SE

2250 x 870 x 1315 mm - DR650S, DR650R

2235 x 870 x 1345 mm - DR650RS

Saddle height 885mm (845mm - Low Seat) - DR650SE

890mm - DR650S, DR650R, DR650RS

Maximum speed 150 km / h
Fuel consumption 5 l / 100 km
Fuel tank capacity 17 L - DR650SE (1996-2000); DR650R, DR650S, DR650RS (1992-1996)

13 L - DR650SE (2001+)

21 L - DR650R, DR650S, DR650RS (1990-1991)

Motorcycle weight (dry) 147 kg - DR650SE

152 kg - DR650S, DR650R

155 kg - DR650RS

Motorcycle weight (curb) 166 kg - DR650SE