Honda Bros 650 (NTV650 Revere, NT650 Hawk GT)

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Honda Bros 650

The Honda Bros 650 road bike model was produced from 1988 to 1992. Despite such a short release period, the model still has many fans around the world. At the time of its release, the Honda Bros 650 was considered to be technically advanced - an aluminum diagonal frame, a "Pro-Arm" cantilever rear swingarm, installed on the sports tourist Honda VFR750F.

However, the main feature of the motorcycle is its engine, which is a V-shaped 2-cylinder liquid-cooled block with a volume of 647 cc. see, issuing 56 hp. power and almost 57 Nm of torque, available already at 6000 rpm. The engine has a steady, confident thrust at low and medium revs. This engine was also installed on models Honda NT 650 Deauville and Honda XL 650 V Transalp.

Main modifications of Honda Bros 650:

  • Honda NT650 Hawk GT - version for the American market. Produces 58.5 hp. power, has a 2-piston front caliper. It differs from other modifications in the gear ratios of the gearbox.
  • Honda NTV 650 (Revere) - version for the European market. Equipped with a steel frame, it produces up to 60 hp. power, has a cardan drive, a 19-liter fuel tank, rebound-adjustable rear suspension and a central stand. On the basis of this modification in 1998, the model was manufactured Honda NT650V Deauville.
  • Honda NTV 600 (Revere) - English market version. Identical to the previous one, but differs only in engine size and reduced carburetors.
  • Honda Bros 650 - version for the Japanese market. Shares in common with the American version, differing from it in colors, wheels, 4-piston front caliper, gearbox ratios, engine tuning (56 hp) and a lower clipon arrangement.

"Little brother" Honda Bros 650 - Honda Bros 400.

Despite the generally interesting concept, the Honda Bros 650, NT650 Hawk GT and NTV600 models were completely discontinued in 1991-1992. The only exception was the European model Honda NTV650 Revere, which was on the market until 1998, after which it was replaced by the touring version Honda NT650V Deauville, built on the common basis of the NTV650.

Currently, only Japanese (Bros 650) and European (NTV650) versions are found on the Russian market, all others are extremely rare.

The main competitors of the Honda Bros 650 in the class:


Honda Bros 650
Honda NTV600 / 650 Revere
Honda NT650 Hawk GT


Specifications Honda Bros 650 / NTV650 / Hawk GT:

ModelHonda Bros 650Honda NTV 600/650 RevereHonda NT650 Hawk GT
Motorcycle typeRoad (street, naked)
Release year1988-19921988-1997 (1991 - NTV600)1988-1991
Framealuminum diagonalsteel diagonalaluminum diagonal
Engine type2-cylinder, 4-stroke, V-shaped
Working volume647 cc cm.647 cc cc (583 cc - NTV600)647 cc cm.
Bore / stroke79mm x 66mm (79mm x 66mm - NTV600)
Compression ratio9.4: 19.2: 19.4: 1
Number of valves per cylinderSOHC, 3 valves per cylinder
Fuel supply systemcarburetor, 2x Keihin CV 36 (34 mm - NTV600)
Ignition typedigital transistor
Maximum power56 hp at 7900 rpm60 hp at 8500 rpm (since 1993 - 57 HP), NTV600 - 55.74 HP at 7700 rpm58 hp at 8500 rpm
Maximum torque57 Nm at 6000 rpm56 Nm @ 6500 rpm58.3 Nm at 6000 rpm
Drive typechaincardanchain
Front tire size110 / 80-17 57H
Rear tire size150 / 70-17 69H (150 / 60-18 67H - Bros 650 since 1990)
Front brakes1 disc 316 mm, 4-piston caliper1 disc 316 mm, 2-piston caliper
Rear brakes1 disc 236 mm, 1-piston caliper
Front suspension41mm telescopic fork, 130mm travel
Rear suspensionconsole pendulum Pro-Arm with monoshock, reg. preload + rebound (NTV600 except 1988, NTV650), stroke - 120 mm
Length2080 mm2190 mm (2150 mm - NTV600)2085 mm
Width750 mm765 mm (710 mm - NTV600)750 mm
Height1075 mm1080 mm1075 mm
Wheelbase1425 mm1465 mm1430 mm
Saddle height778 mm810 mm (790 mm - NTV600)778 mm
Acceleration to 100 km / h4.1 sec5.0-5.3 sec4.1 sec
Maximum speed185 km / h180 km / h185 km / h
Fuel tank capacity12 l (including reserve 2 l)19 l (including reserve 2.5 l)12 l (including reserve 2 l)
Motorcycle weight (dry)165 kg189 kg168 kg
Motorcycle weight (curb)181 kg208 kg184 kg

Fuel consumption

Official declared fuel consumption for Honda Bros 650, Honda NTV600 / 650 Revere and Honda NT650 Hawk GT is 4.5 to 5 liters per 100 kilometers. The exact value depends on the riding style and the condition of the motorcycle.