Honda CBR600RR

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Honda CBR600RR (2013+)

The Honda CBR600RR sports bike model appeared in 2003 as the successor to the Honda CBR600F4i after the racing version of the RC211V. Unlike the F4i, the new CBR600RR received more sporty performance and ergonomics, and also incorporated all the advanced Honda racing technologies at that time: new frame and swingarm, new suspensions, fuel injection with dual throttle valves (Dual Stage Fuel Injection - DSFI), updated brakes, etc.

In 2005, the Honda CBR600RR undergoes a slight restyling, receiving a new version of the frame, swingarm and rear suspension. The front fork becomes slightly thinner, but instead of the usual one, it becomes inverted. Instead of the usual front calipers, the bike gets radial. The curb weight is reduced by 10 kg.

In 2007, Honda introduced the next version of the CBR600RR. The new generation received an updated look, electronic steering damper and a new engine. The frame is lighter and more compact, and the wheelbase has been shortened by more than 2 cm. The maximum power is increased to 118 hp, the engine slightly increases the maximum revs.

In 2009, Honda was one of the first on the market to offer the sporty Honda CBR600RR with a combined braking system with ABS. This system has been optimized for racing and track use, allowing the ABS to intervene as late as possible. In the same year, the model receives a slightly modified engine (changes have affected the pistons, cylinder head and exhaust system), due to which the maximum power increases to 120 hp.

In 2013, the model undergoes changes again, with a new look, different control unit tweaks, new lightweight 12-spoke wheels and a new front fork - Showa Big Piston.

The main competitors of the Honda CBR600RR in the class:


Honda CBR600RR ('03 -04)
Honda CBR600RR ('05 -06)
Honda CBR600RR ('13 +)


Specifications Honda CBR600RR:

ModelHonda CBR600RR
Motorcycle typesports
Release year2003+
Engine type4-cylinder, 4-stroke, in-line
Working volume599 cm³
Bore / stroke67.0 x 42.5mm
Compression ratio12.0: 1 - CBR600RR (2003-2006)

12.2: 1 - CBR600RR (2007+)

Number of valves per cylinderDOHC, 4 valves per cylinder
Fuel supply systemDual Stage Fuel Injection (DSFI), 4x 40mm - CBR600RR (2003-2006)

Dual Stage Fuel Injection (DSFI) Denso 12-hole injectors, 4x 40 mm - CBR600RR (2007+)

Ignition typedigital transistor
Maximum power117.0 h.p. (86.0 kW) @ 13000 rpm - CBR600RR (2003-2004)

118.0 h.p. (87.6 kW) @ 13,500 rpm - CBR600RR (2007-2008)

120.0 h.p. (88.2 kW) @ 13,500 rpm - CBR600RR (2009+)

Maximum torque65.8 Nm (6.7 kg * m) at 11000 rpm - CBR600RR (2003-2004)

66.0 Nm (6.7 kg * m) @ 11,250 rpm - CBR600RR (2005+)

Drive typechain
Front tire size120/70-ZR17M / C (58W)
Rear tire size180/55-ZR17M / C (73W)
Front brakes2 discs, 310mm, 4-piston calipers - CBR600RR (2003-2004)

2 discs, 310mm, 4-piston radial calipers - CBR600RR (2005+) (CBR600RA - Combined ABS, 2009+)

Rear brakes1 disc, 220mm, 1-piston caliper (CBR600RA - Combined ABS, 2009+)
Front suspension45mm Telescopic Fork, 102.7mm Travel (Fully Adjustable) - CBR600RR (2003-2004)

41mm inverted fork, 110mm travel (fully adjustable) - CBR600RR (2005-2012)

41mm Inverted Big Piston Fork, 110mm Travel (Fully Adjustable) - CBR600RR (2013+)

Rear suspensionpendulum Pro-Link with monoshock (fully adjustable), stroke - 130 mm
Motorcycle length2030 mm - CBR600RR (2003-2004, 2013+)

2010 mm - CBR600RR (2005-2012)

Motorcycle width695mm - CBR600RR (2003-2004)

690 mm - CBR600RR (2005-2006)

685 mm - CBR600RR (2007+)

Motorcycle height1115 mm - CBR600RR (2003-2006, 2013+)

1105 mm - CBR600RR (2007-2012)

Wheelbase1390mm - CBR600RR (2003-2004)

1395 mm - CBR600RR (2005-2006)

1370 mm - CBR600RR (2007-2012)

1375 mm - CBR600RR (2013+)

Saddle height820 mm
Minimum ground clearance130mm - CBR600RR (2003-2006)

135mm - CBR600RR (2007+)

Acceleration to 100 km / h3.18 sec.
Maximum speed254 km / h
Fuel tank capacity18.0 l
Motorcycle weight (curb)199 kg - CBR600RR (2003-2004)

189 kg - CBR600RR (2005-2006)

186 kg - CBR600RR (2007+)

196 kg - CBR600RR ABS (2009+)

Fuel consumption

The officially declared fuel consumption of the Honda CBR600RR is 5.47 liters per 100 kilometers. The exact value depends on the riding style.