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Kawasaki KDX250SR (KDX250F) 1991-1994

The enduro model Kawasaki KDX250 dates back to 1980, when the first generation of a motorcycle was introduced to the market, which was only available in the United States. That generation, by today's standards, was pretty archaic - an air-cooled 2-stroke engine, drum brakes, and crude forms of plastics. The factory model code is KDX250-A.

The 1981 Kawasaki KDX250 undergoes minor revisions with turn signals and a new plastic design. The factory model code is KDX250-B. 1984 was the last year of production.

In 1991, Kawasaki resumed production of the KDX250, seriously updating it both externally and technically - a new liquid-cooled engine, disc brakes, an inverted fork. From this year, the model became available not only in the North American market, but also in Europe, Australia and Japan. Now 3 modifications of the motorcycle were offered:

  • Kawasaki KDX250R (KDX250-D) - "hard-enduro" modification. It does not have turn signals and a speedometer (it is equipped with a simple trip meter with daily and total mileage). It was available from 1991 to 1995. in Europe, North America and Japan.
  • Kawasaki KDX250 (KDX250-E) - identical to the previous modification, but with the ability to use on DOPs. Equipped with turn signals and a full speedometer. It existed from 1991 to 1992. in the markets of Europe and Australia.
  • Kawasaki KDX250SR (KDX250-F) - "soft enduro" modification. It was available from 1991 to 1994. only in the domestic Japanese market. It is a previous modification with a number of changes: the presence of mirrors, other suspension and geometry settings, a reduced fuel tank (from 12.5 to 11.0 liters), a reduced carburetor (PWK35 instead of PWK38), other gearbox settings, a dry weight increased by 9 kg ...

1995 was the last year of production of the Kawasaki KDX 250, after which it finally left the market and did not receive further development.

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Specifications Kawasaki KDX250R / KDX250SR:

ModelKawasaki KDX250
Motorcycle typeenduro
Release year1980-1995
Framesteel half-duplex
Engine type1-cylinder, 2-stroke
Working volume249 cm³
Bore / Stroke67.4 x 70.0 mm
Compression ratio8.7: 1
Number of valves per cylinderPower Valve System (KIPS)
Fuel supply systemCarburetor, 1x Keihin PWK38 - KDX250R

Carburetor, 1x Keihin PWK35 - KDX250SR

Ignition typeCDI
Maximum power40.0 h.p. (29.4 kW) @ 7000 rpm - KDX250R

39.0 h.p. (28.7 kW) @ 7500 rpm - KDX250SR

Maximum torque40.2 Nm (4.1 kg * m) @ 6500 rpm - KDX250R

38.2 Nm (3.9 kg * m) @ 7000 rpm - KDX250SR

Drive typechain
Front tire size80 / 100-21 51M - KDX250R

80 / 100-21 51P - KDX250SR

Rear tire size110 / 100-18 64M - KDX250R

4.60-18 63P - KDX250SR

Front brakes1 disc, 220 mm, 2-piston caliper
Rear brakes1 disc, 190 mm, 1-piston caliper
Front suspensionInverted Fork, 300mm Travel
Rear suspensionPendulum progressive Uni-Trak with monoshock, stroke - 310 mm
Motorcycle length2165 mm - KDX250R

2185 mm - KDX250SR

Motorcycle width850 mm
Motorcycle height1250 mm - KDX250R

1220 mm - KDX250SR

Wheelbase1475 mm - KDX250R

1455 mm - KDX250SR

Saddle height955 mm - KDX250R
Minimum ground clearance340 mm - KDX250R

300 mm - KDX250SR

Acceleration to 100 km / h
Maximum speed
Fuel tank capacity12.5 L - KDX250R

11.0 L - KDX250SR

Motorcycle weight (dry)107 kg - KDX250R

116 kg - KDX250SR

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